Plan for Wimbledon & the Maldens

Dear Friends and Neighbours, 

Wimbledon & the Maldens is a wonderful place to live, work, and visit, and I am committed to keeping it that way. Our community is filled with people who take great pride in this area—residents, workers, and visitors alike. Together, we strive for a more prosperous future for everyone. The generosity and compassion of our community are truly inspiring, as seen in the support for numerous charitable causes, including our collective efforts to aid the people of Ukraine during their time of need. 

I recently had the privilege of witnessing this generosity firsthand. Along with 13 other volunteers, I participated in Medical Life Line Ukraine's largest mission to date. We successfully delivered a convoy of seven aid-filled ambulances to Lviv. Your contributions are making a significant impact and are literally saving lives. 


After many years of dedicated service to our community, Stephen Hammond MP is stepping down in the upcoming General Election on Thursday 4th July 2024. Stephen's remarkable tenure as our local champion began in 1999, when he was first selected to contest Wimbledon. 

As we prepare to say goodbye to Stephen, it's a moment for reflection and gratitude. Alongside his wonderful wife, Sally, and their dedicated teams—past and present—Stephen has made an indelible mark on our community, touching the lives of countless constituents. Their tireless efforts have supported more than 15,000 individuals facing various challenges. 

Stephen deserves our heartfelt thanks for his leadership and dedication. Some of his most notable local achievements include campaigning to keep Wimbledon Police Station open, delivering the Nelson Health Centre, and securing step-free access at Wimbledon Park and Motspur Park train stations.

We wish Stephen and Sally all the best in their future endeavours. I am confident that their passion for public service will continue to inspire positive change wherever they go. 


I am optimistic about our future here in Wimbledon & the Maldens, and I want to share why. 

Since being selected as your candidate a few months ago, I have been listening to you, our local residents and business owners throughout the constituency, including the newly added areas following the recent boundary review, about your top priorities. Rest assured, the Maldens now have a genuine choice for their next MP. 

I pledge to run a positive campaign, full of innovative ideas, and grounded in listening to you every step of the way. I aim to approach politics differently. 

First, I will adopt a collaborative approach, working closely with the government, the Greater London Authority, as well as Merton and Kingston Councils. I encourage other parliamentary candidates to adopt the same cooperative spirit. 

Second, based on our conversations—guided solely by your input, not by the influences of lobbyists or interest groups—I have developed a business plan. My priorities are clear: country and constituency first, party second. This may not endear me to the party whips, but I know who I serve. 


I have listened to the issues you face, explored the potential solutions, and outlined a preliminary plan of action. 

My business plan aims to make Wimbledon & the Maldens safer, stronger, healthier, greener, better-connected, and brighter for all, especially the next generation.

And the plan is already working. Like Stephen, I've pushed for more step-free access across the constituency, including when the Transport Secretary Mark Harper MP visited us in early May. I'm pleased to say that progress now continues with Raynes Park accessibility funding.

I invite you to read my business plan, reach out, and meet with me face-to-face to discuss your thoughts and ideas between now and election day. 

Thank you for reading. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 




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  • Safer

    Crime is a serious concern that affects us all, and people feel that reporting it changes little. Let's enhance policing, strengthen Neighbourhood Watch groups, leverage readily available technologies, and expand night-time transport for women's safety.

  • Stronger

    Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, but high costs are threatening their survival. Let's foster business collaboration, lower business rates, boost high-street footfall, and implement work-ready programmes to support local hiring.

  • Healthier

    Our society faces significant health challenges: an ageing population, rising obesity, inactivity, and mental health issues. Let's improve adult social care, utilise advanced diagnostics, protect existing services, and treat mental health with the same urgency and importance as physical health.

  • Greener

    Conserving our green spaces is essential. Let's oppose AELTC's plans in their current form, hold councils accountable for unsuitable development, boost infrastructure with more EV charging points and easier solar panel installation, and secure funding for pocket parks.

  • Better-connected

    Transport connectivity can always be improved. Let's demand reliable trains and step-free access at all stations, simplify traffic rules to ease frustration and reduce fines, fix potholes promptly, and regenerate Morden without further delay.

  • Brighter for all

    Our young people face daunting challenges: housing and family costs, environmental responsibility, technological shifts, and mental health issues.